24 Responses to ResVibrant

  1. Definitely brightens my skin and softens the lines. I use it every other day, otherwise it will irritate my sensitive skin.

  2. This is the BEST cream I have found. Not only does it keep breakouts at bay, but it makes my skin soft and complexion even. I definitely notice a difference in my skin since using it. One of my favorite things about using it is that it doesn’t make my skin feel itchy and tight like most cleaners for acne prone skin. thanks

  3. I am 30 and have been using anti wrinkle creams from past 2 months This cream is astounding, I use it after I wash my face and before makeup and even nighttime… It is thick but not heavy on the face and doesn’t have much of a scent… It’s perfect and even arrived way quicker than expected.

  4. This goes on smoothly.. but is a pretty thick cream, so if you’re looking for something lightweight, try this one. I use it at bedtime and wake up feeling like my skin has hydrated overnight. I have not noticed an increase or decrease in blemishes or zits. I don’t notice much difference in fine lines or wrinkles, but I’ve only been using it a few weeks. If I notice a change, I’ll update this.

  5. To all the older folks out there…I would recommend you use this product it work really well, I’m 50 yrs.old and I don’t look my age bcause I use the this product and it worked for me so I think you guys should try it too.

  6. This product to me is simply awesome. It smells nice, makes my skin feel soft…but don’t feel it does anything super ‘fancy’ to my skin – in other words, doesn’t seem to be any difference with it after using it for several weeks. however, dry my skin out.overall ok product.

  7. It just gets better and better. I[m on almost my 3rd week of this anti-wrinkle serum and it’s amazing. This product is the real thing.So worth it!!

  8. I’ve been using this serum for about a year and I love the results: my skin feels softer and brighter… This is the first time I’ve tried it and I really like the mix. Just a few drops of the serum hydrates my entire face… I apply it before my moisturizer and it makes it go farther and it feels like it absorbs better…

  9. This is an easy to use, light weight product… No residue.
    Keeps skin more firm, minimizes poors and make a
    good base for make-up to follow.

  10. Great cream!!I use it once a day on clean skin nd I find the product to be very good and not irritating on my sensitive skin.

  11. I’ve been using this as my primary face cream for about 2 months now, and have to say it works very well… Also gentle, not bad smells . No complaints about side effects.

  12. I’ve only used this for about 3 weeks but I am happy so far. I have not experienced any reddness or burning… My face feels so soft in the mornings and I believe that it looks more youthful.

  13. Cream goes on smoothly and feels great on my skin… My skin has been more luminous… Can’t really say yet if my wrinkles are diminishing, but skin does look better… I have only been using for a week! I really like it!!!

  14. I can’t honestly tell you if the stuff works (or maybe I can!) as my mother uses it and she’s 73 and looks 53… so maybe there’s something to it! I bought this for her Birthday.

  15. My skin tends to be sensitive to new products so love the fact that this product is all natural and hasn’t had a negative reaction to it… My skin feels softer and smoother. Thank you for the lovely product!!!

  16. It’s good for repair and really does the work… But my skin is a bit sensitive. Using only twice a week now. Can be slightly sting for sensitive skin.

  17. So far so good… Very nice product at a nice price… Nice moisturizer and seems to be working well on my 60 year old face. I’ve only used it for about a week so I cant really say too much yet… My skin responds well to new products so time will tell if it coninues to work but so far, I like it a lot.

  18. This is a great skin moisturizer cream. Your face will be smoother and softer than its wver been before..using it from past 2months its working well for me.

  19. I wash my face at night and apply anti-wrinkle cream…. I bought this because it had good reviews and is cheaper than others…. It feels smooth to me, so I probably buy it again.

  20. too early to tell much about this product, but i just wanted to say i LOVE how it feels on my skin. its not gooey, or sticky, greasy. its very silky. let you know more when i know more!!!!

  21. I am 30 and have been using anti wrinkle creams forever and they make me breakout. This cream is astounding…I use it after I wash my face and before makeup and even nighttime… It is thick but not heavy on the face and doesn’t have much of a scent… It’s perfect and even arrived way quicker than expected.

  22. I read the reviews and chose to purchase this on a snap decision… I’m so glad I did! It has proven to be my favorite morning moisturizer… I feel lightly uplift my skin all day. Highly recommended!

  23. I have been searching for good quality cream since the past couple of years….. This is definitely the one of the best. Good quality ingredients… It is gentle on the face, and moisturize the right way…

  24. Perfect for my combination skin in the cold of winter. This moisturizer blends easily…without being too greasy…. I don’t have sensitive skin, but have combo skin, which makes it difficult to find a facial moisturizer that works…

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